• Dehydrated Garlic Flakes

    Dehydrated Garlic Flakes

    We are devoting to supply high quality dehydrated garlic flakes which can be eaten directly or used as food sources and auxiliary materials. It has the inherent taste of fresh garlic as long as it is rehydrated, It basically retains the adequate nutrients. Our dehydrated...Read More

  • Dehydrated Garlic Granules

    Dehydrated Garlic Granules

    We are an important dehydrated garlic granules manufacturer and exporter in China. Basing on our rich industry experience and professional knowledge and unremitting efforts these years, we satisfied the precise requirement of so many different customers around the world, to...Read More

  • Dehydrated Garlic Powder

    Dehydrated Garlic Powder

    Our company is known as a reliable dehydrated garlic powder supply entity. We manufacture, export and supply various kinds of this powder for global. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we have introduced a comprehensive range perfect dehydrated garlic powder. In...Read More

  • Garlic Sauce

    Garlic Sauce

    To satisfy the progressive demands of customers, with the keen sense and sharp insight, with rich experience and knowledge of the industry, we have optimized the structure of our dehydrated garlic products and launched the high-quality garlic sauce products. This garlic sauce...Read More

  • Fried Garlic Granules

    Fried Garlic Granules

    The most notable feature of fried garlic granules is that it is easy to use, without losing the original fragrance of fried garlic, and is easy to store, is a excellent product in dehydration garlic family.Read More

  • Organic Dehydrated Garlic

    Organic Dehydrated Garlic

    The organic dehydrated garlic product is a great distinction product of our company's pride. The popularity of this product boosts our company successfully stand out in the dehydrated garlic products business. Years ago, in order to fulfill the pursuit of the promotion of...Read More

  • Agglomerated Garlic Granules

    Agglomerated Garlic Granules

    Agglomerated garlic granules is blossom’s authoritative domain. For glorious AGG garlic, we have introduced modern agglomerated technology, advanced solutions, and apiculate production line. The AGG garlic effectively increased the packing density, fluidity, dispersity and...Read More

  • Roasted Garlic Flakes

    Roasted Garlic Flakes

    Roasted garlic flakes are an excellent addition to any fully selected spice for your cooking. When you are looking for the taste and texture of garlic, roasted garlic flakes should be your choice. When garlic is roasted, the high temperature will drive away the pungent garlic...Read More

  • Dried Minced Onion Flakes

    Dried Minced Onion Flakes

    Our dried minced onion flakes are strict inspected and required to meet the requirements of the Food Hygiene Law.Read More

  • Dried Chopped Onion

    Dried Chopped Onion

    Dried chopped onion is a rare health food which can be used to cook a variety of delicious dishes.Read More

  • Dehydrated Chopped Onion

    Dehydrated Chopped Onion

    In our production, dehydrated chopped onion is mainly divided into two kinds of yellow and white.Read More

  • Dehydrated Onion Flakes

    Dehydrated Onion Flakes

    Dehydrated onion flakes are undoubtedly a processing method with development onion value, not only retaining nutrients, but also being light in weight, convenient to eat and greatly prolonged in storage time.Read More

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